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TheDotMag is a community where everyone may contribute their knowledge and views. We always appreciate our guest contributors’ ideas, expertise, and unique point of view. No prerequisites or expertise are required; the only need is a piece of content that is intriguing, informative, amusing, or inspirational.

Continue reading if you’re interested and want to write for TheDotMag!

What You Can Write

TheDotMag is a general blog. We cover news on a variety of topics, including Automotive, Entertainment, Health, Fashion, Tech, Business, and other respective categories. Our aim is to educate and inform our readers while providing a dose of entertainment.

As a guest contributor, you can write for us on any topic you want. We do not accept guest posts about casinos, affiliate links, pornographic content, gambling websites, or anything else that is prohibited or violates the google webmaster’s guidelines. Except for these, you are free to write whatever you like.

Guidelines for Blog Guest Posting

  • Please provide 2-3 well-researched topics/ideas you are willing to write about when proposing your guest blog article.
  • Following your proposal for guest blogging, we will select a topic from your options and assign you to write about it.
  • Write and share your work in Google Docs so editors can easily edit, offer feedback, and provide advice straight within your document.
  • Your post should be at least 1000 words in length.
  • Provide appropriate titles, H1, and H2 as needed.
  • We only allow two (2) external links.
  • Check that links are connected to the relevant anchor texts. You must also ensure that the links you include offer value to your content while also benefiting the reader.
  • The writing has to be grammatically correct and completely original. AI written content is not accepted.

Content Outline

  • A content introduction that is captivating.
  • Also, provide any questions that people may have.
  • Try to keep your post as informative as you can.
  • The bottom line or conclusion to properly end the article.
  • Also, include a unique Meta description and Meta title.
  • Include high-quality copyright-free photos in your articles.
  • Make sure the images are relevant to the article.

Please keep in mind that TheDotMag has the right to change or update posted information at any time.

How It Works

Once we receive your content at TheDotMag, our editor will review your contribution and evaluate whether it meets our guidelines.

Everyone on the team will give input, and the editor will respond with notes.

Send back the amended document after you’ve addressed our remarks. It will be examined again, and you will be notified whether it is acceptable.

When we say your content is acceptable, our editor will work alongside you on style, structure, and arguments.

We will schedule your article for publication once all edits have been completed. You will be notified once your article is published.


Guest Posting – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly can I post about?

We do not accept guest posts about casinos, affiliate links, pornographic content, gambling sites, or anything else that is prohibited. Except for these, you are free to write for us whatever you like.

Can I post my article on another blog?

No. We retain the rights to your work if we post it on our website. It is not permitted to republish your work on your own or on any other website.

Is keyword research important when submitting content?

Yes, we are appreciative. We recommend that you include the most popular and long-tail keywords in your article.

How can I contact TheDotMag for guest posting?

You can reach us by email at Dotmag.official@gmail.com. You can also use the Contact Us form on our website. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

How long does it take for an article to get published?

We will publish your article as soon as it has been authorized. Depending on the hectic schedule, it may take 2-5 business days at most. You will be notified by email once your content is published.

What should be the length of my post?

The minimum word count should be at least 1000. We only accept high-quality guest posts.

What factors define an excellent guest post?

We only care about high-quality material. Guest articles that link the Author’s brand with the blogger’s brand are the most effective. In other words, your material should assist TheDotMag in broadening our message.


Search Queries to Reach Webmasters for Guest Posts

Where can I find blogs for blog posts or guest posting? When you think of a guest post, it’s the first thought that springs to mind.

Don’t be concerned! We’ve got a solution for you. Below are a few searches you can use to find suitable websites and blogs for guest posting.


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Here are a few examples of how you can explore these queries for various niches. You can copy and search the following.

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